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<p>Medical interpreters need words, but it&rsquo;s not always easy to find them or to predict the ones you&rsquo;ll need for an assignment.</p><p>Cynthia Maule&oacute;n, who has trained interpreters who speak more than fifty different languages, created this terminology workbook to help interpreters prepare for a variety of assignments and certification exams.</p><p>The workbook identifies terms used in a variety of medical settings and is arranged by topic, including categories rarely seen in other interpreting texts, such as Abbreviations, U.S. Healthcare Terminology, Medications, and Talking About Pain. You can write in your own translations and create your own glossary&mdash;no matter what language you&rsquo;re working in.&nbsp;</p><p>Maule&oacute;n also uses her extensive interpreting knowledge and down-to-earth approach to provide proven guidance on dealing with the challenges you&rsquo;ll face on the job as an interpreter.</p><p>Whether you&rsquo;re an educator seeking to supplement your curriculum, a student determined to pass an exam, or a professional eager to do the best job you can, you&rsquo;ll get the tools you need to accomplish your goals with the&nbsp;<i>Terminology Workbook for Medical Interpreters</i>.</p>