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With thousands of prescription drugs available today, protecting yourself and your family should be a main priority. Consumers need to educate themselves on prescription and over-the-counter drugs and take an assertive role in managing their medications. The new 2006 edition of Consumers Drug Reference (CDR) can assist consumers on questions they have regarding their medication. Am I taking the right dosage? Does it conflict with other medication? Unlike other drug references, the CDR relies solely on medical experts for its facts, not drug manufacturers' package inserts. These experts have worked with the United States Pharmacopeias (USP) to provide: "Unbiased, authoritative information on more than 11,000 drugs; including vitamins, minerals and the newest drugs "Full color identification chart of pills and tablets "Drug precautions and side effects you should know before using "Correct dosage and information on missed dosage "General information about the use of medicine, plus a glossary with over 400 medical terms "Free link to the USP website for new and additional drug listings.