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There is an enormous and growing demand for skilled medical coders, creating a severe shortage in a large variety of coding situations. Demand greater than supply can result in excellent compensation for those on the supply side. So, how do you determine if medical coding is the profession for you? If you are already a medical coder, how do you identify and evaluate the rapidly expanding variety of opportunities open to you? INDEPENDENT MEDICAL CODING, 2nd edition: The Comprehensive Guidebook for Career Success as a Medical Coder (just published by Rayve Productions) provides answers to these questions and many more, such as What is Coding?; Are You Ready to Go Solo?; What is the Future of Coding in Health Care? The 448-page book also gives extensive information regarding Medical Coding Education and Experience; Continuing Professional Education; Becoming Credentialed; Medical Transcriptionists as Coding Specialists; Salary Projections Based on Survey Data; Types of Coding Systems; Establishing Your Independent Coding Business; Alternative Careers for the Health Care Coding Specialist; Establishing Fees; Marketing Tips; Contracts and Independent Contractors; Building a Successful Coding/Consulting Business; Professional Ethics; Finances; and much more, including descriptions of the authors' favorite references and resources and the appendix's twenty-three exhibits of helpful forms and documents.